California’s Grid Keeps Setting New Clean Energy Records
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SACRAMENTO ~ Sacramento, California - As Earth Week approaches, the state of California has achieved unprecedented levels of clean energy on its electric grid. This milestone marks a significant step towards the state's goal of achieving a 100% clean electric grid.

According to recent data, clean energy sources have been exceeding the demands of nearly 40 million people and the world's 5th-largest economy. This achievement is a result of the state's efforts to diversify its energy portfolio and bring on more sources of clean electricity.

In the past 43 days, clean energy has exceeded grid demand for 31 days, compared to only seven days in all of last year. This is a significant increase from just two years ago when California first met demand with 100% clean energy for a brief moment.

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The state has also seen a record-breaking amount of solar energy being generated and served. Solar projects reached a new high of 17,170 MW, an increase of over a thousand MW from last year's peak. This is enough to power millions of homes. Additionally, solar power accounted for 86.4% of electricity demand served.

Another notable achievement is the increase in battery storage powering the grid. For the first time ever, battery storage discharge exceeded 6 GW and was the largest source of supply to power the grid at one point during the day. California has made significant progress in building out its battery storage capacity, which has increased by 1020% since 2020.

These accomplishments demonstrate California's commitment to transitioning towards cleaner and more sustainable sources of energy. With continued efforts and advancements in technology, it is clear that California is well on its way towards achieving a fully clean electric grid.

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