California’s Very Good Climate Week
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SACRAMENTO ~ California has had a successful week in the fight against climate change, with several major wins that will help protect communities and accelerate the transition to clean energy. From legal victories to innovative technology, the state is making significant progress in its efforts to combat the climate crisis.

In a major legal victory, California reaffirmed its right to fight vehicle pollution and protect communities from dirty air. The federal appeals court upheld the state's authority to set new clean-car standards, despite opposition from the fossil fuel industry. This decision allows California to continue its decades-long efforts to reduce emissions from vehicles, which are one of the biggest sources of pollution in the world.

Another significant development in California's fight against climate change is the development of new technology that can make cement production cleaner and greener. A startup in Redding has created innovative technology that captures carbon dioxide emissions from cement production and uses it to make more cement. This could have a significant impact on reducing global emissions, as manufacturing is responsible for roughly 8% of emissions worldwide.

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The state is also making strides in promoting clean energy in tribal communities. A $32 million grant has been awarded for a cutting-edge microgrid project that will support energy sovereignty and sustainable economic growth for the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians. This is one of the largest grants ever given to a California Native American tribe and demonstrates the state's commitment to promoting clean energy initiatives in all communities.

In addition, California's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is leading the way in developing innovative technologies for producing clean water. The U.S. Department of Energy recently announced $75 million in funding for these projects, on top of $2.5 million already invested by the state. These technologies range from wastewater recycling to desalination and water efficiency measures.

The Biden-Harris Administration also announced six grants for California aimed at protecting infrastructure from the impacts of climate change. These projects will upgrade roads, protect against flooding, and improve safety, among other things. This funding will help the state become more resilient in the face of a changing climate.

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California's commitment to clean energy is also evident in its solar power production. The state is a solar superpower, leading the nation with 68,816 gigawatt-hours of electricity produced by the sun. This is a 9% increase from the previous year, and on Wednesday afternoon, the state's grid broke a record for solar generation with 17,170 megawatts. The following day, another record was set with 86% of demand being served by solar generation.

Finally, California is making strides in promoting clean energy transportation across borders. Thanks to new EV charging infrastructure funded by a California climate grant and a partnership between SDG&E and Bali Express, the first electric freight truck has crossed the U.S.-Mexico border. This milestone not only promotes clean energy but also strengthens binational relations.

Overall, California's recent achievements in fighting climate change demonstrate its commitment to protecting communities and promoting sustainable practices. With continued efforts and investments in clean energy initiatives, the state is setting an example for others to follow in the fight against climate change.

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