Flutter vs. React Native — What to сhoose in 2021?
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What is Flutter? What Is React Native? What are the advantages of React Native?

SAN FRANCISCO - Californer -- If you want to develop cross-platform apps faster and more affordably, you're probably wondering which framework will be the best fit. So, we've developed this guide to help you understand the differences between Flutter and React Native, the two leading technologies, and determine which is the best cross-platform framework for your app.

Flutter was developed by Google, and it is an open-source, multi-platform mobile SDK that uses the Dart programming language. With Flutter, you can build iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, Google Fuchsia, and web apps, all from the same source code.

React Native is a free, open-source framework, released by Facebook in 2015. It allows for cross-platform iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS app development. However, since React Native uses Javascript and the React architecture, porting React Native apps to the web is simple, as well.

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React Native is a good choice for building mobile apps using JavaScript and cross-platform development using a single codebase.

Flutter and React Native are clearly the best contenders for cross-platform app development. While there are other hybrid app frameworks that serve as alternatives to React Native and Flutter, they can not compare to these top cross-platform technologies. However, Flutter is a more modern solution that offers better performance, documentation, and customization. Flutter can provide you with faster, more scalable, higher-performing apps, across multiple platforms.


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