Powerful Instrumentals Released On TikTok, Users Encouraged To Use Them In Anti-Censorship Videos
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Takeo Tama (Music) has released several powerful Instrumentals over the TikTok network including the Highly-Anticipated, "Illuminati No. 5"

CULVER CITY, Calif. - Californer -- The Takeo Tama Music-entertainment Brand has released a series of powerful and in some instances, highly-anticipated instrumentals over the TikTok network.

While the entity is not "on-network" as many Musicians and Music-companies are, it has monitored and reviewed the social-tool over a series of months and successfully has penetrated its Song-distribution sector, sans the need to be present within the App.

One major point of contention for Takeo Tama comes at the insight for which TikTok has in-fact, "censored" some contents within the application which is seen as "heinous and unnecessary" per some of the varying use-cases to justify censoring of any magnitude on TikTok itself.

"The recent John Stokes banning, a twenty one years of age athlete who claims he contracted Myocarditis after securing the Covid vaccine is a pretty fair glance into the unknowns of just who or what is behind the TikTok infrastructure, beyond knowing its China roots," Takeo Tama executives explained. "Should Mr. Stokes be silenced, whether on the grounds for policy violation, an unseen agreement between TikTok and pharmaceutical entities, or otherwise? Well, that's the trick, isn't it?"

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Takeo Tama adheres that it's interesting to note the many correlations and speculations that can be drawn from this one event among some others.

"If it's that TikTok only wants a certain type of goofy content on the network then they should say so. If they are participating in some sort of information technology warfare against citizens then that should be explored at TikTok's North American and International ventures levels."

"It's fairly heinous and unnecessary to censor much these days. Censored is a new clout in some circles, fancy that? But regardless of all that muck, we say to the public, take our newly released instrumentals and use them in your videos about censorship, vaccines, or if it must be, your goofy dances."

"Spock said it best. Live long and prosper."

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TAKEO TAMA is a Music-entertainment provider, offering a variety of Songs spanning many genres and styles including Classical, Electro, Pop/Rock, and 8/16-Bit (a.k.a. Chiptune). -- All titles are available where Audio is sold and are ready for Licensing in Film, Television, Video-Games and similar productions.

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