Safety and Survival--Personal Preparedness Assessment Guide is to be released on June 2019
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The frequency of disasters has increased over the last few years. More than 226 million people are affected by disasters every year. Natural disasters impacts on human and economic at world scale for the last 20 years, and it is not about to go away.

LOS ANGELES - Californer -- Disasters are real. The world is changing. And it is changing fast.The frequency of disasters has increased over the last few years. Between 1994 and 2013, there were 6,873 natural disasters worldwide, which claimed 1.35 million lives or almost 68,000 lives on average each year, and affected 218 million people on average per annum during this 20-year period.*
Since 1980, drought and famine has claimed more than 550,000 lives and affected more than 1.6 billion. Hurricanes and typhoons have affected 37 million people.There are 30,000 gun deaths each year in the U.S. alone. Almost 90% of businesses fail within 10 years and countless homes and families that suffer financial crisis.** This is the state of the world we live in. Complacency and denial are primary barriers that prevent people from surviving disasters. Our next generation needs to learn more about basic safety, personal safety and survival.

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When disaster strikes, can you survive for at least 72 hours? Do you have all your tools and supplies ready? If a financial disaster hits, is your family or organization prepared? How quickly can your organization get back to business after a major disaster? An organization that successfully recovers from a disaster enhances its reputation for reliability.

The importance of preparing ourselves for disasters is universal.

"Knowledge separates the survivors from the victims"
"We got to continue eradicate the complacency and promote proper awareness and education, resources, tools and skill sets to reduce the impact of future disasters" - Nicky Dare

Knowing what to do when disaster strikes is no longer a what if scenario in today's world. Now, in order to survive the once unthinkable situation, it's a necessity. Preparation is key.

Safety and Survival is designed to prepare you for life's uncertainties. The book tackles on many topics such as contingency plans and insights to prepare for uncertainties that help foster confidence and speed of making decision when disaster arrives. Author Ms. Nicky Dare uses her real-world insights to help educate people to navigate and survive the increasingly unpredictable world, while helping people make the right investments for wealth, health and personal well-being. Using real-world insights and experiences from Author Nicky Dare's life, this personal guide goes beyond common occurrences and forces you to rethink your definition of catastrophe. It will take you on a deep dive through some of life's most disastrous situations and gives you insights as to how to survive with your body, your mind, your finances, and your overall well-being intact. Inside, you'll find comprehensive details about:

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-Preparing today
-Preparing for an active shooter situation
-Creating a smart daily routine
-Preparing for natural disasters and emergency situations
-Ensuring your personal preparedness plan is solid
-And everything you need to know preparing for disaster!

* Source: EM-DAT
** various confirmed sources

This book is an exclusive edition (non-webinar) series, originally published in the webinar in 2018.

Kindle is released on June 11, 2019
Paperback is now available on Amazon

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