When truth doesn't matter anymore
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New book "End Game" analyzes the dramatic change in our society

CALIFORNIA CITY, Calif. - Californer -- The latest book by Pierre A. Kandorfer demonstrates one of the most pressing problems in our society with declining values, morals, and ethics everywhere: When truth doesn't matter anymore. What happened?

On a daily basis, we are faced with completely outrageous, stupid, annoying, and dangerous developments in all parts of our lives. Our American Way of Life, our unique Constitution, and our Judeo-Christian humanity are being attacked, degraded, ridiculed, and considered racist, ignorant, white privilege, and therefore unacceptable in society. Personal freedoms and individual rights supposed to be sacrificed for the sake of a "common good." Is this our End Game?

Nowadays, facts and truth depend on the point of view, especially in politics. For generations, media filtered most of the lies, deceptions, and fraud out of their reporting, but this is not the case anymore. Nowadays, they usually cover up inconvenient stories and report only talking points confirming their worldviews. Bias in the media is not an exception anymore. It's the rule.

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Pierre's books are available at http://NeverGiveUpYourDream.US, Amazon, and other booksellers.

Pierre Kandorfer is a veteran journalist with thirty-five years of a media background. He wrote thousands of articles, hundreds of TV programs, and a dozen books such as "No More Doubt – Science Confirms the Bible," "Whom Can We Still Trust," "Fight Back Manual," "Find Peace of Mind or Lose Your Mind," in addition to some media textbooks.

Pierre taught media communications, acted as Dir. of Programming of a nationwide TV broadcasting, worked as TV host and producer of a movie series, and hundreds of TV shows. He also is a commercial pilot, speaks several languages, and is a proud Christian and passionate Constitutionalist.

Pierre A. Kandorfer, Ph.D.

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