Why Maxine Waters is Afraid to Debate Joe Collins
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LOS ANGELES - Californer -- With the election under (50) days, and Los Angeles under turmoil, with the uprising violence against cops, fires burning in every corner, and the pandemic keeping everyone on lock down. We have a very important election in the next couple of months that could change the whole dynamics and structure of society.  It seems that all of this is a distraction, but its not.  Southern California has been dealing with wildfires and civilian unrest, and violence for decades.  However, this time it seems greater than any time before because of the pandemic coupled with the Presidential election. Nevertheless, this election could change not only the country's structure, but the Los Angeles and Southern California structure as well.

There are several Republican candidates in Democratic districts that are poised to win races that were not even an option just (2) years ago.  For example, the 43rd District race between Maxine Waters and Joe Collins is a prime example of this.  You have an incumbent Congresswoman of (29) years against an opponent that was barely even born when she was first elected.  You have a Traditionalist/Boomer against a Millennial.  You have the old wine skin vs. the new wine skin, you have the old mindset against the new mindset. Where do we go, do we stick with what we have been accustomed to, or do we start fresh and do something different?  My opinion is we cannot keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result, it is a sign of insanity.

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The 43rd District has not only stayed the same, it has progressively gotten worse under Maxine Waters leadership.  Joe Collins would like to bring a fresh and new perspective to the district, such as; economic development, jobs, higher education, trade schools and opportunities for the community to better themselves.  Joe Collins has a concern for the homeless population, elderly, at risk kids, as well as ceasing the gang violence that is so prevalent in the district. Maybe it is time to allow something new, and something different.

Ask yourself this question, how many of you would allow your Great-Grandmother to work, even if she wanted to.  In these late years of her life we need to respectfully advise her that her time is up and to enjoy the rest of her life with her family.  She has completed her legacy, and it is time to pass the baton.  Joe Collins is waiting for the hand off and is ready, willing, and able.  If Maxine Waters don't agree, debate Joe Collins, so that the district can make the decision. Visit: http://www.joecollinsforcongress.com

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