Yukihiro Matsumoto: "Do not fight developer instincts"
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Our friend Yukihiro Matsumoto, creator of the Ruby programming language, joined us for an interview right after the release of Ruby 3.0!

SAN FRANCISCO - Californer -- Grigory Petrov, Developer Relations at Evrone, spoke with Mr. Matsumoto about the new features in the latest major Ruby release. Mr. Matsumoto also shared details about his approach to improving Ruby and gave us insight into the future of the language.

The Interview

My name is Grigory Petrov, and I am here to interview Yukihiro Matsumoto, author of the Ruby programming language, just a few months after the major Ruby 3.0 release with all of its new shiny features.

Thank you for joining us and for releasing Ruby 3.0. This is a huge release with a lot of experiments, feedback, challenges, and features. Which feature of Ruby 3.0 do you like the most?

Yukihiro: I like pattern matching, including the right-hand assignment. At the same time, I'm very excited about the ractors and the static type checking, because I think it will change and enhance the culture of Ruby programming.

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Through our interview with Mr. Matsumoto, we learned more about the latest Ruby features and how the growth of the community has affected the development of the language. We also gained some great insights into the future of Ruby, and Mr. Matsumoto shared with us his love for the Ruby community and how much it drives the development of new features and new ideas.

If you have a cool idea and love Ruby as much as we do — let's create something together! We love partnering with new people to build innovative new products. Let us know how to contact you, and we'll be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your idea and how we can make it happen.

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