10:00 ET Dr.FORHAIR Offers Best-Selling Folligen Original Shampoo at Special Price Through Leading U.S. Membership Retailer
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Dr.FORHAIR Offers Best-Selling Folligen Original Shampoo at Special Price Through Leading U.S. Membership Retailer
LOS ANGELES, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr.FORHAIR, a leading provider of scalp and hair care solutions, today announced that its signature Folligen Original Shampoo product will be available for a new discounted rate in the U.S. The offer is for a limited time and is available as part of an online-only coupon mailer promotion at one of the largest membership-based retailers in the U.S.

The offer will run from September 23 through October 18, 2021. Consumers will have access to Dr.FORHAIR's best-selling product in a 25.26 ounce (750ml) bottle for the discounted price of $19.99. At twenty-three percent off the standard list price available through the online membership-based retailer, Folligen Original Shampoo will be the most affordable it has ever been in North American markets to date.

A functional product that helps mitigate hair loss symptoms, Folligen Original Shampoo has risen in popularity with consumers throughout the U.S. Already the cornerstone of a global brand with a total of 18 million units sold worldwide, the Dr.FORHAIR brand has taken the Korean hair loss shampoo industry by storm. The multi-purpose shampoo helps users relieve hair loss symptoms and reduce sebum and dead skin cells for a healthier scalp that promotes even healthier hair. The formula is free of parabens, silicone, and sulfates and is also hypoallergenic, making it a viable shampoo alternative to the many synthetic-heavy products familiar to U.S. consumers.

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While the brand has exponentially expanded its impact in North America throughout 2021, Dr.FORHAIR's Folligen Original Shampoo is not new to success or accolades. Both Allure Korea and Olive Young, South Korea's largest health and beauty store, recently awarded the product first place for K-Beauty anti-hair loss shampoo in recent rankings. Folligen Original Shampoo has a lasting, luxurious fragrance evoking florals and cool aqua, in contrast to the lackluster scents other hair loss shampoos are known to have. The Dr.FORHAIR product also lathers more than other solutions, with highly concentrated scalp nutrition formulated in the rich, firm foam to enhance hair volume.

With recognition from the most significant health and beauty retailers in Korea, Dr.FORHAIR has laid the groundwork for success in other markets. Asian consumers across North America responded positively to the brand's global accessibility in recent years, catching the interest of U.S. retailers looking to provide a wider variety of hair and scalp solutions for their customers.

The result was an expansive relationship with one of the largest membership-based retailers in the U.S. to sell Folligen Original Shampoo through an extensive e-commerce platform. Already available at a reduced price as part of the agreement, the new limited-time promotion is designed to make it easier than ever for consumers to have access to functional shampoo developed with the latest technology and scalp care science.

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"The new promotional discount is further evidence of the success of our Dr.FORHAIR brand launch in the U.S.," said David Kwon, CEO, Dr.FORHAIR. "We believe this is only the start of what will be wide-reaching availability of our product line for consumers across North America as we continue to collaborate with retailers to bring products to this unique market that specifically address hair loss symptoms and general scalp care."

Folligen Original Shampoo offers a premier blend of performance as signified with its designation as Excellent Certified by Dermatest, an internationally renowned company based in Germany that tests products for dermatological tolerance. Dermatest Trichoscan test results showed effectiveness in hair growth and scalp condition improvement after 12 weeks of Folligen Original Shampoo use. Additional testing performed by P&K Skin Research Center revealed that with one-time use of the product, dead skin cells on scalps reduced 37.6%, oiliness reduced 78.4%, and scalp elasticity increased 8.2%.


Dr.FORHAIR is a global scalp care brand by Wyatt Corp with Scalp Labs based in New York and Seoul. Using comprehensive clinical research and industry expertise, the brand provides a variety of scalp care products that help millions of customers worldwide.

Website: https://www.drforhair.com/

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