Code Name Jello16, what we know about the emerging tech giant!
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SAN FRANCISCO - Californer -- There has been tremendous buzz in Silicon Valley lately surrounding the tech project CODE NAME Jello16.

Word about the project emerged in early April when software engineer Brian Golka says he was approached about {a secret project}.

According to Golka "It was very Deepthroat like. I was on my way to my car when I was first approached". Golka continued "A guy in a gray suit walks up and gives me a card with a phone number and the word Jello16, nothing else. He said "call this number and your life will change", then walked off. I stood there confused for 5 minutes then got in my car and left."

Golka called the number a few hours later. He tells us "They answered and said {Brian, there is a project that we would like you to join us on. It will change the world! This is your only chance, are you in?} I thought it had to be a joke so I said 'nah I'm good'. They hung up immediately. I didn't think about it again until I started hearing similar stories popping up."

Over the past four months stories like this have become more frequent. Venture Capitalists are starting to pay attention as little bits of information continue to leak.

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In early 2019 a group was formed to create a tech company. We are still unclear on what exactly the end product will be, but we have heard from credible sources that it is a mobile app that will "shake up the global structure" similar to that of Uber and AirB&B.

Jello16 is a codename. When the project launches it will reveal the origins of Jello16. Read secret practices of tech company names below:

Computational Scientist Alicia McGowen explained her role in the project, "I was approached in the same way as most. The whole company is compartmentalized so we don't exactly know what the big picture is. We are made to sign an NDA (nondisclosure agreement) before the first interview. It basically says we can talk about everything leading up to the interview and that's it."

Our insiders tell us that Jello16 executives are sourcing top programmers and engineers to secretly develop the technology, and that more details should be available later this year.

One has to wonder what the next few months will give us.

Sara Davis Editor @ Techwide Media & Press

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  • Thomas:
    My roommate was given a card too! He wanted to call but has a non-compete with his company. We still have the card!
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