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Coexsys Timekeeping efficiently tracks Employee work time, leave, overtime by Projects and eliminates hidden and indirect financial costs.

SAN DIEGO - May 5, 2019 - Californer -- Coexsys Timekeeping  is the most feature rich,  secure, reliable and proven time entry SaaS cloud in marketplace today.  Yet, our SaaS offerings have the least Total Costs of Ownership of any major SaaS cloud provider in the market today.  Businesses and Organizations in commercial and public sectors alike have been able to track time or their employees at scale by using Coexsys Timekeeping and achieve returns on their investments 10 times with our timekeeping solution than traditional pace.

♦ Managed Real time monitoring, Managed Security upgrades
♦ Real time, interactive production support on 24x7x365 days basis to ensure uninterrupted timekeeping experience.
♦ Managed Backup & Recovery, Data Retention. Built in Disaster Recovery
♦ State of the art Timekeeping audit capabilities. Generate real time system audit by pay period, by projects, by employee on daily basis with detail drill down capabilities.
♦ Comprehensive User Administration, Role based access management.
♦ Proxy Time keeping, where a supervisor or attendance clerk can enter and approve time for his / her team members.
♦ Integrated accounting. Financial reporting by accounting periods. Integrated holiday calendars. Holiday Earn credit, Workday rules and over time policies.
♦ Comprehensive Leave accounting. Personal Time Off, Compensation Time off, Jury Duty, Bereavement leave, Furlough and many other types of leave are supported and built into Time keeping.
♦ Work shift Integration. Coexsys Timekeeping SaaS cloud offers all known and widely practiced types of work shift such as 40 hours a week work shift, 56 hours a week work shift, part time work shifts, flexible work shifts, hourly work shifts etc.
♦ Timekeeping by Time policies. A uniquely designated timekeeping administrator can set up time policies by setting up employee specific, department specific or payroll specific time keeping rules and set up customized time policy designed for any types of time keeping complexities that an organization may encounter.

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The Coexsys Timekeeping software can be used via cloud on shared cloud (meaning your site is on the same server with other sites at Coexsys data center), or a dedicated cloud (you own your on exclusive private cloud managed by Coexsys)  or traditional on premise installation.  Below are implementation options in detail.

Single Container Dedicated Cloud

Single dedicated cloud where subscriber gets complete autonomy and control over every aspect of timekeeping. This includes customization and integration of time keeping, access to database and servers. Minimum 500 named users and above.

Shared Container Cloud

Simple set up that allows access to Timekeeping application in plug n' play manner. No programming experience required. Customization to this cloud is not supported. Great for subscribers with no customization needs.

Platform Independent Cloud

Already have existing cloud provider? No worries! Coexsys Timekeeping cloud is platform independent. Our Timekeeping SaaS application works and supported by AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.


Delivered managed customization services and integration services such as adding a new business feature. (available to single container option only)


At Coexsys, we recognize that every organization has unique needs of integrating of-the-shelf SaaS solution to work seamlessly with on-premise applications.   In order to achieve this goal, we also offer following add-on services.

♦Integration with other applications and SaaS Clouds.
♦Migration from other time keeping systems to Coexsys Timekeeping.
♦When you sign up for Coexsys Timekeeping single container cloud, we will convert data from existing applications for you.
♦Reporting Services
♦Support and Training
♦Time Cards and Time Clock Integration
♦Mobile Extensions


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"Time is Money".  This is the phrase we hear often. Time is the most precious resource we all have.   Once it is spent, it never comes back. This is all the more vital for a business where Time is spent on plenitude of activities by employees and contractors of the organization.  Depending on the industry and service sector, businesses and governments or all types have a business need to track time of their employees.

Time tracking is a complex subject.  There are numerous variants to time tracking.   A business specialized in manufacturing products may need to track time of its employees by their shift clock ins and clock outs.  Whereas, a professional services firm need to track time of its employees by hour or by projects and hours to track billable hour usage.  A property management company may need to track time of its employees by individual work order and so on.

Time spent on a product or service development has direct relation with the financial cost of the product and service.  Moreover, time spent in terms of human labor units is the most difficult cost to track. A business can not effectively measure its profits or calculate its costs without getting an accurate picture of its time related activities.


• Accurate picture of your payroll costs.

• Effective and efficient project management.

• Time tracking helps defining better business strategy.

• Increase business profitability.

• Time entry is an employee's greatest tool.

• Timekeeping is a legal document.


As per Harvard Business Review, inaccurate time keeping costs a billion dollars a day.  Here are some of the obvious costs of NOT tracking your time.

•  High Operational Costs.
•  Issues in resolving business disputes.
• Negatively affects employee morale.

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