Great Memory And Beautiful Skin — What Do They Have In Common?
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SAN FRANCISCO - Californer -- If you follow the advice of any health care practitioner on improving your memory, he or she will ultimately say the same thing that international experts such as Richard Haxton of Richard Haxton's Transformational Skin Solutions of Los Altos ( have been saying for years - Beauty Comes From Within.

The brain is the body's largest user of oxygen, so regular exercise is essential for improving memory.

In fact, according to Harvard Health Publishing, "Certain food are particularly rich in healthful components like omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and antioxidants, which are known to support brain health and often referred to as brain foods. Incorporating many of these foods into a healthy diet on a regular basis can improve the health of your brain, which could translate into better mental function."

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As Haxton states "A diet that is rich in vitamins and antioxidants will not only help keep you healthy, but also will keep cortisol, a major stress hormone, under control.

It's a known truth that stress is a major contributor to memory problems and can have catastrophic effects on one's skin - from fatigued features to sallow and baggy eyes.  In other words, our lifestyle as a whole affects not only our skin, but also our memory.

Haxton, who has created a revolutionary holistic and proprietary non-surgical treatment for facial rejuvenation, takes dietary factors into account at his clinic with his clients.

"What we put into our systems, ultimately will surface on the outside - so it's a good reminder to be conscious of our diets so we can maintain a youthful appearance.  Now that is truly something to keep in mind!"

Richard Haxton's Transformational Skin Solutions of Los Altos is located in Los Altos, CA.

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