How Quitters Can Rebound By Using Montessori Tools
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Employ These Montessori tools to prevent children from giving up

SAN DIEGO - Californer -- In Montessori Method teaching, 'quit' is a word we don't use," Kristin Edwards, M.Ed., Director of Lifetime Montessori School, a private elementary school in San Diego says. "Instead, we say, 'Try, try again!' by using a variety of Montessori tools."

"Because we teach children ways to build their self-motivation, self-worth, self-esteem, self-awareness, independence and leadership, we help them overcome their fears and frustrations."

"Some children are full of enthusiasm to start but they pull back when they realize how hard learning or after-school activities can be," Edwards says. Our focus is teaching that 'practice makes perfect. If your child loses interest, it's our job to find a replacement for their passions and help that student rebound."

Exploring With Your Child

When parents are faced with a situation where their kids are letting themselves down, one helpful Montessori tool is to seek new, exciting activities to consider.

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For example, does your child have a hobby that engrosses him or her? Investigate it together to see if this new hobby or activity can become a new passion. This Montessori tool helps create new interests in a child who has become disinterested in a current activity.

Exposing Children to the Steps of Success By Finding New Passions

Our focus is to help children find what they love; then, teach them to work hard at it when they do find it.

This is the approach at our private elementary school in San Diego: focus on building self-driven kids by continuing to honor what they love best and get the most satisfaction from doing.

Ask Why, Then Find a New Path to Success

We must give our kids the freedom to express why they choose to stop an activity. So, rather than berate them for letting themselves and their teammates down, here's a different tack.

Get to the root of the child's concern by asking, 'Why are you choosing to quit?'

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Then, listen to understand the child's concerns. Via their answer, the child gives you reasons why while also taking ownership of the decision.

The takeaway: If something is NOT meeting your child's needs, then find another activity that does using Montessori tools. Remember, "every winner was once a beginner."

Kristin Edwards, M.Ed., is Director of Lifetime Montessori School in Santaluz, a private elementary school in San Diego County. LMS teaches 200 students aged 18 months through Grade Six using the Montessori Method. Yearly elementary school tuition is about $14,000 and is less for K, Primary and Toddler programs.

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