Intimate Banking - Whole Life Insurance as an Investment
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Discover how wealthy Americans learn to create wealth instead of earning it...

LOS ANGELES - Californer -- Wealthy Americans learn to create wealth not earn it.

That means to discover other options instead of trading time for money to collect a paycheck.

If you want to know an investment tip that the wealthy typically keep hidden pay close attention.

Why put your money in an investment vehicle or account where you can't access it for 30 years?

Over 80% off the money being saved for retirement right now is going into these retirement accounts that are considered "Qualified Accounts", meaning you can't touch that money until you're 59 years old without paying penalty and taxes on it!

Plus you're going to have to pay taxes on that money no matter what.And taxes are going up, right?

Wealthy people understand this. They also understand that money is simply a tool.

One of the most unrecognized financial tools is a "properly structured" insurance contract.

How a 40- year old can leverage $100,000 dollars. If that money was sitting in a money market account or a bank it would only earn 1/10th of an interest rate. Plus it would lose money each year. (Going broke slowly).

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Properly Structured Whole Life Insurance Contract
If he puts that $100k after 2 years he would have access to 94% of this money.

In year one he could deposit $50k in his account/contract in 2 payments/deposits, he'll have access to 90% after 30 days of putting in the first $50k!

He'll have Liquidity of $45k, and then after the 2nd year, he'll have access to $94k, so literally over a 2 year period, he only gives up 6% Liquidity!

But that's just the beginning:

- He gets a $1.25 million death benefit
- if he lives a long life he will still have access to the money to use
for the business, family, or investing.
- On top of that, he will have a 4% GUARANTEED rate of return on the money you have left in the contract.
- Plus he will have disability coverage
- This money will grow on a tax-deferred basis and he can have access to this money TAX-FREE!

Bottom line: he is going to have more security, more guarantees, more
opportunity, and more control with his money.

This is why wealthy people insist upon a structured whole life insurance contract.

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