Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng To Make Major Time Travel Related Announcement at Silicon Valley Comic Con
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Closing a hectic summer filled with many new developments, Marshall Barnes will be at the Silicon Valley Comic Con, and make a major new announcement, during a presentation on the New, True Science of Time Travel.

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Californer -- Marshall Barnes, internationally followed and noted, advanced concept science and technology research
and development engineer, makes a rare appearance in California to speak at the Silicon Valley Comic Con, August 16th through 18th. Marshall has been conducting research during the summer, in an attempt to keep up his schedule to make a human time travel technology breakthrough by sometime next year.

His presentation, titled The New, True Science of Time Travel, will discredit much of what people think time travel is about and might work - which relies heavily on the theories of Einstein, instead, replacing it with the works of John Archibald Wheeler, Ranier Plaga, Rene Thom, Hugh Everett III, Gabriel Kron, American Medal of Science Award winner Yakir Aharonov and many others, little known to the public but familiar to those in the advanced concept science and engineering world.

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Marshall, who has been involved with winning time travel controversies against producers of NBC's Timeless as well as the Spike Lee production, See You Yesterday, will answer questions about how time travel science fiction will be forced to change, as more and more people learn how time travel science actually works - without paradoxes and many other time travel tropes. As a result, as what happened with Timeless and See You Yesterday, audiences are more demanding and will turn off to time travel plots that are as accurate as a space mission to the Moon, with the crew disembarking in their swim wear.

The Spike Lee production, See You Yesterday, is a recent time travel film getting it wrong and then some. Marshall feels it also misrepresented STEM education, an area where Marshall has been recognized for breakthrough work, proving J.R. Oppenheimer's speculation that school students can detect solutions to advanced physics problems that physicists miss, was correct.

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Marshall will have a page online prepared for audience members with smart phones to see startling photographic evidence from his experiments proving the existence of parallel universes and how a time machine could be built from these experimental set=ups themselves, demonstrating how true solutions for time travel are based in the confluence of quantum mechanics and information theory.He'll also cover how time travel is the solution for those Silicon Valley billionaires looking to escape what they think is the "simulated universe", a rumor started by Sam Altman that went viral several years ago from an interview in The Atlantic magazine.

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