Riveting Expose How Trump Stays Free
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LOS ANGELES - Californer -- Noted political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson in his latest book How Trump Wins tells how Trump in five decades plus has beat back thousands of lawsuits. In the process Trump never has done nor feared doing a day in jail for any wrongdoing.

Hutchinson details Trump's simple but phenomenally effective formula for beating back all comers. That was delay, dither, stall, skirt, and most importantly lie and attack. In every one of the voluminous lawsuits against him he used these weapons to sow doubt, create havoc, and puff up his image and stature. In each instance he cast himself as an unfairly put-up on, squeaky clean victim.

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How Trump Wins tells why Trump seemingly wins even when he appears to lose cases and contests. Hutchinson details Trumps decades of storehouse legal and political ploys to avoid guilt in civil and criminal cases. He chronicles how Trump is aided and abetted by conservative courts, prosecutors, and the GOP. He examines how Trump has used the three criminal indictments against him to raise tens of millions for his 2004 presidential run.

He assesses why and how Trump used those tactics to try and win the presidency again in 2024. Finally, he asks and answers the perennial question: Will Trump ever be convicted or imprisoned?


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Source: The Hutchinson Report
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