What is cloud computing services with example?
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CALIFORNIA CITY, Calif. - Californer -- Cloud computing refers to the wide range of services offered to customers and companies via the internet. Instead of installing software and other platforms on every employee's computer, you can access them from any location via the cloud. Cloud services are available for writing emails, invoicing, and collaborating on documents. Cloud computing refers to the storage and access of data and computing services via the internet. It does not store any data on your computer. Cloud computing services are the availability of on-demand computer services such as servers, data storage, and databases. Cloud computing's main purpose is to provide access to multiple users in the data centres. Remote access is also possible.

Why the Name Cloud?

Network engineers use the term "cloud" to describe the location of different network devices and their interconnection. This network design looked like a cloud.

Why cloud computing?

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Data storage is a top priority for all industries due to the increase in mobile and computer users, and it is maintained by software development companies. Data storage is a key component of both large and small businesses. They spend a lot of money to keep their data safe. This requires strong IT support and a central storage location.

Cloud computing reduces hardware and software requirements. Cloud computing requires that the user be able to run the interface software for cloud computing

Accessing e-mail services means that data is stored on a cloud server, not on your computer. Invisible technology and infrastructure are behind the cloud. It doesn't matter if cloud computing services are based upon HTTP, XML, or Ruby. As long as they are functional and user-friendly, it does not matter. A user can connect to the cloud system using his/her devices, such as a desktop, laptop, or mobile.

Small businesses have limited resources and can now access technologies previously unavailable. Cloud Computing allows small businesses to turn their maintenance costs into profits. Let's find out how.

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Examples of cloud computing

These are just a few examples of cloud computing applications.

Health Care

Cloud computing allows medical professionals to remotely perform diagnostics, host data, and analyze patients' data. Cloud computing makes it possible for doctors to quickly share information from any location. Cloud computing also allows large file transfers to be made instantly, which saves money.


Cloud computing can also be used in distance education institutions. Cloud computing offers many services to universities, colleges, teachers, and professors that allow them to reach thousands of students around the globe. Google and Microsoft offer a variety of services at no cost to students, faculty members, professors, and teachers from different learning institutions. Big data analytics:

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