Why create and contribute to open-source projects?
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Developing and releasing open-source solutions is a common practice that has been adopted by companies like Red Hat, Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

SAN FRANCISCO - Californer -- IT companies that make products available as open-source software have become a sensation in the investment environment. Confluent, Neo4j, HashiCorp, and GitLab are just a few examples of companies that have managed to attract large investments.

At Evrone, we encourage our employees to build open-source products and provide them with logos and custom websites and assist in the promotion of their projects. Why would companies, ranging from mid-sized outsourcing businesses to technological giants, make their products available as open-source software?

Still not convinced?
When you invest in open-source software, you:

– Help technology evolve and stay relevant
– Show the community that your business appreciates the efforts of people working with open-source

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– Expand horizons, not only for specific technologies, but also for the IT industry as a whole
– Encourage to your developers to grow and innovate
– Improve your own projects through community collaboration
– Promote your company and generate publicity
– Gain new customers and new tools to better serve your clients

That's why we contribute to open-source software development, and we strongly recommend following our example. We are proud that, in addition to developing innovative commercial projects, our team members can also be involved in the open-source community. If you would like to learn more about open-source support, feel free to contact us directly. We are always open to questions and discussions.

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