Alex Hormozi Net Worth - Here's the Offer that Launched His Empire!
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Want to know the secret to how Alex Hormozi made those millions of dollars so quickly? Read this...

LOS ANGELES - Californer -- Alex Hormozi is an American entrepreneur and businessman who founded Gym Launch in 2017. He expanded his portfolio by launching a concurring business (Prestige Labs) in 2019 that leveraged his existing client base to scale rapidly.

Alex became captivated by fitness and body building in his teens.

The Amazing Alex Hormozi Offer that sold 191 memberships in 19 days for 500 dollars each!

When you go to Alex Hormozi's YouTube channel you will see a very interesting video.

When you sort by popularity you also will discover that this is most-watched video (343k as of this writing).

The video shows Alex walking you through a gym.

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Now the thing that is unusual about this gym is that it is in a residential neighborhood.

In fact, it looks like a regular second-floor 4-bedroom apartment.

You will also note that the 'residential gym' is very unimpressive - to say the least.

But that is the gym Alex used to sell 191 memberships at $500 each in only 19 days!

This is the gym that Alex Hormozi used to launch his multi-MILLION dollar licensing company.

How Did Alex Do It?

His YouTube video doesn't reveal how he did it.

But if you want to know the exact step-by-step strategy he used to get those $500 memberships click the link below:


Source: YourHappyClients.Com

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