International Businessman Blazes New Trails in eCommerce with Innovative Home Furnishings
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Bobby Borisov, Founder of LifeHouse, recently launched his eCommerce company to create an elevated home furnishing experience for everyone.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Californer -- We've all heard stories about individuals who were able to break through glass ceilings, overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, defy numerous odds—and still manage to achieve awe-inspiring levels of success! Everyone loves a success story, because we all have an innate desire to see a part of ourselves in those who we deem as winners. Experienced entrepreneur, eCommerce innovator and venture capitalist, Bobby Borisov, is the personification of "The American Dream". His very life speaks to the aforementioned success of individuals who are able to overcome a myriad of obstacles and defy a multitude of odds to harness success in a tangible and transformative way.

In order to illuminate his present accomplishments, we have to reflect back to the path that led him here. Coming from the ex-Communistic country of  Bulgaria, serving in two militaries (in Bulgaria and France) and finding success in Paris, Germany and Switzerland,  Bobby has emerged as noteworthy businessman here in the States as well. Bobby Borisov (born February 21,1978) is an American Businessman. Bobby, born in Bulgaria, has pursued the American dream from across three continents before establishing himself and achieving great success here in the land that engendered the dream.

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An accomplished venture investor, company advisor, and entrepreneur, Bobby manages a portfolio of vast companies and startups through BB Investment Holdings. Bobby also dedicates time, energy, and funding to entrepreneurs building philanthropic startups that empower people who need help, such as Permanent Supportive Housing Foundations. He began angel investing in 2006 and over the following decade, BBIH portfolio grew from a handful companies to large amount of successful ventures. He is able to create, architecture custom financing, and execute numerous deals in various industries over the years. Borisov has the unique skills to sense new business opportunities in any economic cycles.

Bobby, CEO of BB Encore Incorporated,  has parlayed his business acumen into the creation of a formidable online home furnishings company. LifeHouse. LifeHouse is an eCommerce establishment with a keenness for superior interior products, is optimistic about the current situation. The group enjoins similar vendors within their industry to take advantage of the increased demand for comfort and positive energy around homes. With people spending more time in their homes, it makes sense that they would want to be comfortable. LifeHouse is not only looking to make some money, but also contribute to this demand for comfort by churning out relatable household items that will ensure calm and happiness in these times.

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Through a spokesperson, the company said, "We understand people's relationships with their homes, and we deliver tailored solutions with a keen eye for eco-friendly and evergreen designs in home products, and at affordable prices too."

Bobby Borisov made this clear when he said, "We believe that we understand our business model better than any potential competitor. We are offering the customers a unique shopping experience. Our innovative online store is featuring high-quality and affordable products for homes. We have a passion for life at home, our company culture is built upon enthusiasm, trust, passion, and a 'do it now' attitude."

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