Interview with Kenneth Reitz, Pipenv & Requests libraries author
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We were glad to speak with Kenneth and learn more about his life, thoughts & projects. At Evrone, we frequently use Python to develop custom solutions for our clients.

SAN FRANCISCO - Californer -- Kenneth Reitz is a well-known software engineer, international keynote speaker, open-source advocate, who also focuses on photography and music production. He is well known for his many open-source projects, specifically Requests "simple, yet elegant HTTP library" and Pipenv Python Development Workflow for Humans. We are excited to have interviewed Kenneth!

The Interview

Evrone: Alongside all your Python contributions you also have several music albums and thousands of great professional photos. What is your main interest right now?

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Kenneth: My main interest at the moment is crafting for myself a simpler life. Love, relationships, friendships, stability and comfort, and the sanctuary of my home.

Read the full interview with Kenneth where he talks about the top issues Python developers face while scaling applications, shares his thoughts on async / await paradigm in Python, speaks about his project PyTheory, and the "natural affinity" for software development.

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