Punarnava( Boerhavia Diffusa), An Ayurvedic Medicinal Plant for Liver and Kidney, Dr. Abhay K Pati
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HAYWARD, Calif. - Californer -- Punarnava (Boerhavia Diffusa)
An Ayurvedic herb for liver tonic
Dr. Abhay Kumar Pati, An Ayurvedic Physician, Author, Researcher

Punarnava is an Ayurvedic Indian indigenous medicinal plant with a large number of  therapeutic  properties. Punarnava derives its name from its nature of growth and proliferation. The aerial part of the plant dries up in summer and regenerates in the rainy season; the word "Punarnava" means Punar (once again), Nava (new), on the entire description "becoming new again".

Ayurveda medicine contains a large number of  herbs that have medicinal properties.

Through this Ayurvedic  medicine, many people can manage conditions without the need for chemical and synthetic pharma drugs.

Punarnava is one of the  best  medicinal herbs that is frequently used in Ayurveda medicine. The medicinal plant has several potential benefits associated with it. Both men and women might be able to gain an advantage when they use a supplement with this plant.

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Punarnava has the potential health benefits on liver health problem  that may come with the use of Punarnava root.
Punarnava is known to be beneficial for kidneys. It can act directly on nephrons damaged with  chronic  diabetes. It acts as an excellent diuretic and can speed up the filtration process. Therefore, it can flush out excessive fluids and  toxins.

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