Bridging The Gap Between Persistent Myths and New Realities: J.D. Power Expert Stress-Tests EV Ownership Experience
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J.D. Power Electric Vehicle Industry Briefing Report Explores Emerging Factors in EV Considerations by Consumers

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. - Californer -- Interest in electric vehicles (EVs) is accelerating as the country absorbs the implications of a war in Europe and the changing economics of energy and historic inflation driven by the high cost of fuel. That said, automakers, retailers and other stakeholders will need to rewrite the script if they are going to move beyond early EV adopters and enthusiasts to capture the hearts and minds of mainstream shoppers. So says Stewart Stropp, managing director of the J.D. Power Electric Vehicle Consideration (EVC) StudySM in a recent interview for journalists.

The EVC Study, which recently released on May 26, 2022, is one of a series of research initiatives launched by J.D. Power to better understand emerging customer experiences and perspectives around EVs. The other studies in the suite include the EV Experience Ownership (EVX-O) StudySM, EV Experience Home Charging (EVX-HC) StudySM, EV Experience Public Charging (EVX-PC) StudySM and the EV Mobile App StudySM.

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According to Stropp, the EVC Study shows important knowledge gaps exist on the demand and supply sides of the equation, creating unnecessary confusion and a sense of uncertainty about EVs that is holding the industry back. A general lack of consumer understanding about the value proposition associated with EVs has left a large segment of new-vehicle shoppers reluctant to make the electric leap. And, to some degree, the same can be said on the seller side, with data from the J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) StudySM and Customer Service Index (CSI) StudySM indicating a critical need to improve EV knowledge among front-line personnel in many dealerships across the country -- dealerships that will eventually be carrying significant EV inventory.

"We're seeing an opportunity to elevate EV acumen and confidence in the retail environment, sales and service alike," Stropp says. "Both gaps need to be bridged if mass EV adoption is going to happen."

The EVC Study, which focuses on how consumers approach the prospect of buying and owning an EV before making purchase decisions, analyzes a range of concerns and objections the industry is working hard to address, including a perceived lack of charging station availability and range anxiety.

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"To explore the legitimacy of these very understandable concerns, I put my own EV and the national charging infrastructure to the test on a recent cross-country road trip from San Diego to Nashville," Stropp says.

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