A Diplomatic Protest on Today's Chaos By Roxanne Grooms
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SAN DIEGO - Californer -- All we have is right now and right now and right now. When you layer all the "now's," you have the past, evidence of experiences, and life lived. With each layer of today, it buries the moments of the past. What remains is buried chaos, living deeply below the surface of the collective "now's."

Roxanne has struggled with her presence and place in this world. Her feeling comfortable is difficult when there is so much to be questioned. She constantly thinks about what the truth is, the purpose, and why things occur as they do. Refuge is found by flushing out those questions in the art. In her own words, Roxanne states, "That puts me in a state of being. I lose track of time. It is not a struggle, but is about making a mark in a world of discovery. Each mark in those slices of time builds the whole, building the past from moments of now, a layer at a time."

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Roxanne's art is autobiographical, portraying the human condition with diplomacy. It is a cathartic process that gives her grounds for a protest in a safe space to deal with past chaos without portraying grotesque exorcisms of demons. It is between her and the art, a conversation that she chooses to remain sacred. Click here to learn more about Roxanne Grooms at http://www.avaulte.com/collections/roxanne-grooms

Many people see imagery in her work, but she fears giving them too much information because it can stifle their ability to see what their mind's eye(s) wants them to see. Instead, she does not interfere, but lets them feel what they want to feel to make up their own narrative. Roxanne feels she could not elevate that experience with her ramblings so she remains quiet, and lets the art speak for itself. Click here to learn more about Avaulte http://www.avaulte.com


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