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HONG KONG, Feb. 27, 2024 ~ Earn Alliance, the largest web3 game aggregator and discovery platform, has recently made waves in the gaming industry with its innovative approach to engagement. The company, which aims to inspire and empower gamers with enriching experiences, has successfully launched a gamified reward-based ecosystem that offers limitless opportunities for discovering and supporting blockchain games. This new standard for the future of gaming has quickly gained traction, amassing a staggering user base of over 400,000 highly engaged gamers.

The platform addresses a pre-existing problem in digital gaming by providing a unified hub for gamers to not only search for blockchain games but also create new opportunities for game developers and publishers to test their titles. By incentivizing gamers to try out new games, Earn Alliance has become a pivotal platform for discovering favorite games. This also benefits game developers by reducing fan acquisition costs through rewarding engagement and creating a seamless pipeline for driving users to new games.

CEO & Founder Joseph "Coop" Cooper, who has built his career working on serious gaming projects, believes in the power of web3 when communities unite and are rewarded for their actions. He states, "At Earn Alliance, we believe in a world where games can positively transform the lives of billions." The company's mission is reflected in its unique approach of treating engagement as a service and providing an opportunity for personal financial growth while making discoverability and supporting games fun.

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The early success of Earn Alliance is evident through its reach – building an authentic internet gamer community of tens of thousands within days. As one of the largest active web3 communities, Earn Alliance has launched more game NFTs than most major NFT launchpads combined. In 2023 alone, the platform had over 75 game NFT launches that not only raised funds but also helped developers acquire new users and engage existing ones. The recently launched mobile app on both Android and iOS introduces a Reserve Now, Mint Later feature that allows gamers to claim NFTs on-the-go without a wallet, giving them time to mint on their own schedule.

Earn Alliance has seamlessly aggregated over 3,500 web3 game-related social and content feeds into its ecosystem and has run gamified engagement campaigns with popular games such as BigTime, Kingdom Story, Stella Fantasy, and Gods Unchained. In addition to being the go-to platform for web3 gamers, Earn Alliance is also developing its own title – Last Remains. This thrilling free-to-play stealth zombie battle royale game recently made headlines as a Top 5 trending title on Epic Games during its first Alpha playtest phase with no marketing. While incorporating blockchain technology, the primary goal of the developers is to seamlessly integrate it and deliver a realistic, competitive, graphic, and immersive gaming experience.

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Looking ahead, Earn Alliance is gearing up for its first community airdrop from March 28th to April 4th. The company will be releasing up to 150 million tokens (15% of its supply) during this event. Fans can sign up to claim the airdrop by connecting with Earn Alliance through various platforms such as Epic, Steam, Discord accounts or by installing the mobile app. Additionally, Earn Alliance will be hosting an unprecedented community-wide hackathon during GDC in San Francisco on March 17th.

To stay updated with the latest announcements from Earn Alliance and Last Remains, connect with them on their social media platforms. The company's website also provides more information about their mission and services. With their innovative approach to engagement and commitment to transforming the gaming industry through web3 technology, Earn Alliance is set to revolutionize the future of gaming.
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