Jon Robert Quinn Explains Why He Created JRQTV News
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EL DORADO HILLS, Calif. - Californer -- For over two decades, I have worn many hats. I have been a music producer and recording artist. I have produced movies. I have built motorcycle retail stores. I have written many books. I have even built radio shows throughout the nation. And though my journeys, I have relied heavily on mainstream news media to help me understand the world in order to make educated decisions on what moves to make in life. The problem with mainstream media is that, much, if not all of it, is bought. Donors come in with an agenda and an idea of what the public needs to know in order to push their agenda. With gun reform bills, we see more posts on mass shootings. With elections nearing, we see smear campaigns. Regardless of the news source, whether it be USA Today or Fox News or CNN, the majority of the news on those platforms, are bad news.

Before bed we read the news and all we see is murders and shootings and sexual assaults and while knowing this information is important, it's not necessarily healthy for our mind and spirit. We wake up ready to start a new day and across our feed, all we see is bad news. I wanted to change that. It's important that we get quality information in our feed, and we need to stay current on what is happening in the world, so in creating JRQTV News, I hand pick each article from various news sources across many platforms. The difference however is, I focus on finding positive and informative news that isn't all about massacres, political agenda or right wing / left wing ideals.

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There is a little of everything on JRQTV News. We have political news that is important for voters but doesn't pick sides. We have business news that helps keep the audience informed on our economical state. We have sports news that isn't dated. We're not posting sports scores, but rather timeless news on players and impressive feats. We have automotive news on new products and changes coming to different sectors. We have lifestyle news on empowering and motivating our audience in different aspects of their lives. We have entertainment news much like our sports news, with impressive feats and box-office wins among new releases.

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