The Diverse Political Voices Of 'Modern Treatise'
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SAN FRANCISCO - Californer -- Modern Treatise, a dynamic digital media publication that provides stimulating stories on current affairs, culture, and the economy, offers diverse political commentary designed for the intellectual millennial.

Modern Treatise's opinion section features weekly political op-eds from four distinct viewpoints, clearly categorized as Liberty Expose, Third Way, Carte Blanche, or Checkpoint. Liberty Expose reveals the conservative opinion, Third Way demonstrates the way of the modern liberal, Carte Blanche freely presents the libertarian outlook, and Checkpoint marks the progressive point-of-view. These columns each provide political commentary from their respective political philosophies.

The four political columns presented by Modern Treatise represent a unique set of voices sitting at the same table. Together, they create an open, thought-provoking discussion of modern politics that informs the reader while enhancing perspectives.

This publication is the ideal news outlet for today's sophisticated millennials. Modern Treatise specifically offers these diverse political voices to cater to the forward-thinking millennials that traditional news outlets often fail to stimulate. Whether you are progressive, conservative, liberal, or libertarian, Modern Treatise has a voice for you.

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Recent op-eds include a conservative discussion of Michael Flynn, a libertarian commentary on sex work, a progressive look at what it means to abolish the police, and a liberal commentary on the future of liberalism.

To view Modern Treatise's media kit, simply click the link embedded in this article or visit Modern Treatise's brand page (, which can be reached directly from A.N.'s website. Modern Treatise is always willing to work with existing and prospective clients who align with Modern Treatise's identity as an outlet for the upwardly mobile millennial. For inquiries, contact the Public Relations Representative via A.N.'s contact form on the Modern Treatise brand page.

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