Existing Antidepressant Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth Reports Critical Illness Insurance Association
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LOS ANGELES - Californer -- The antidepressant sertraline helps to inhibit the growth of cancer cells according to the latest Health Habits report from the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance (AACII).

"Cancer cells use different biological mechanisms to stimulate their growth," explains Jesse Slome, AACII's director and editor of the Health Habits Report.  Slome noted that a study on cell cultures was published in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

According to researchers, in certain types of breast cancer, leukemia, skin cancer, brain tumors and lung cancer, the malignant cells produce large amounts of serine and glycine. This production stimulates the growth of cancer cells to such an extent that they become addicted to serine and glycine.

The scientists explained that healthy cells use this mechanism to a lesser extent and also take up serine and glycine from food. This is not sufficient for cancer cells, however, meaning they start producing more.  Halting this production will enable the ability to fight the cancer without affecting healthy cells.

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The researchers searched for a substance that influences the synthesis of serine and glycine. According to the report, they tested 1,600 substances on cells. The researchers reported that the antidepressant sertraline was the most effective substance.  Zoloft is the most common sertraline medication.

"Men and women after reaching age 40 should be aware of the risk of cancer and some planning today is essential," says Slome, director of the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance. "A cancer diagnosis is no longer a death sentence. But in addition to the health implications there is a financial impact that planning can help avoid."

"Those who get cancer may face bills for medical treatments, health insurance plan deductibles and out-of-pocket costs not covered by their health insurance. Plus, it's more than likely that one will take time off from work. A modest cancer insurance policy can cover those uncovered costs and replace lost income. "It allows you to focus on your recovery not worry about the bills piling up," Slome suggests. And, the costs can be surprisingly affordable."

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Founded in 2009, the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance (AACII) https://www.criticalillnessinsuranceinfo.org/critical-illness-insurance advocates for the importance of planning for the risks and financial consequences associated with cancer and other critical illnesses.   To learn more or access the free Critical Illness Insurance Cost Calculator visit the organization's website at https://www.criticalillnessinsuranceinfo.org.

Source: AACII
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